Bai Tu Long Bay Daily Cruises and Sightseeing Tours

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Why Bai Tu Long Bay?

There’s so much more to the North-Eastern coastline of Vietnam than Ha long Bay. The entire area is made up of 1,600 islands; a seemingly endless stream of magnificent limestone islands topped with rainforests rising up from the crystalline tropical waters. Lying slightly farther to the east of Ha long Bay and Cat Ba island resides Bai Tu Long Bay, which is tucked inside one of Vietnam’s seven amphibian national parks – Bai Tu Long National Park. Bai Tu Long Bay is the peaceful, laid-back alternative to the popular bustle of Ha long Bay.

As the area is ecologically-minded, Win Win Travel is one of the few touring companies to have touring and cruising rights in the area. With our well trusted knowledge of the local area and itinerary’s designed to make the most of your experience, we are excited to guide you on your journey through one of Vietnam’s best kept secrets on our One or Two Day Luxury Cruises.

One of the exciting things about Bai Tu Long Bay is that it has only been open to the public since 2001. Our guided trips provide an exclusive experience of the beautiful scenery for you to indulge in. On our tour we will take you to the historically and religiously significant Vung Duc Cave. Ong Cu Fishing Village, one of the few remaining authentic fishing villages in the area. Cong Dam, an area that has some of the oldest rock formations in the area, where some are as old as 340 million years old. It’s a rich landscape made up of islets covered in rainforest, coral reefs seen through emerald waters and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. All of which you will experience first hand with our intimate tour on our Private Island inside this breathtaking corner of Vietnam.